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New York Art Direction

I can help New York clients with their art direction needs. Contact me today.

As a Designer, my role is the individual with the overarching artistic control of the entire interior design project that includes; color, finishes,lighting,all materials, furnishings, windows, walls, and floors, all directorial choices, and overall artistic vision.

As the designer, my responsibilities can include working closely with the project manager of the job, and contribute the artistic evaluation of the project. What inspires my vision for each individual project varies from a list of inventory as a starting point, personal collection of paintings, collectible items from the family , furniture, form and function for the space. My challenge as the designer is to show my concepts in interesting materials, use of textures, light and colors to achieve the overall design concepts for each room. The final designs will define my style and the skill and knowledge I have acquired through my years of design. My goals are always to create a beautiful space that far exceeds the expectations of the client.


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