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English Tudor Remodel

A Luxury Spa Bathroom
master suite

Interior designer Stacy Miles creates sophisticated spaces in which you can still relax. Such is the case with her English Tudor remodel of a luxury spa master bathroom suite in Great Neck, New York.

Stacy’s design for this luxurious spa bathroom were inspired by the style of the home, the colors from the 1920’s and recent love of designing with honey onyx tile. She mixes patterns and sizes s to create a trump l'oeil effect on the main spa floor, designing with a border of tiles in place of an actual area rug on the floor and even included honey onyx into the his and hers walk in closet areas . Other key design elements included : Antique vanity with claw feet, vintage patina mirrors, authentic tiffany hand blown glass shades for fixtures, and antique brass hardware in the shower, soaking tub and wall accessories.
There is one vessel sink in honey onyx, and an original stained glass window to allow sufficient day light into the space, the walls are all trimmed with 1 x 1 mosaic tiles surrounded by a rose colored granite for the vanity sink and steam shower bench areas. Stacy said the artwork was also an important element in the room. It's definitely a chic room but you also feel like you could lie down and take a nap on that fabulous antique bench covered in beautiful period style fabric. The designs are a great example of her work and “ that neutrals don't have to be boring”. But then again, Stacy said “ I couldn't image ever designing a boring space”.


Mid-Century Modern (MCM)

Inspirations for the Design

Mid-Century modern is an architectural, interior, design that generally describes mid-20th century developments in modern design, architecture, and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1965. The term, Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s, celebrating the style which is now recognized by scholars and museums worldwide as a significant design movement. MCM , Mid-Century Modern design elements that can be Incorporated in any interior. ( MCM Colors : Lots of white and off-whites, grays, and wonderful bright colors. My favorites from Benjamin Moore: Whites: Natural Cream...Ballet White, Thunder, Metropolitan, Dolphin and Rockport Gray and Stonington Gray, Silhouette ( this is a soft black that makes a great accent for painting architectural accents, such as Mantles, Bookcases and Handrails. I love it for the inside mullion trim on windows, leaving the outer trim . Finally The Bright’s: Grasshopper,Tranquility,Agave, Soft Pumpkin, Buttered yam, Moroccan Spice,njou pear, Wasabi, and Flint to name a few colors.

I tend to use large swatches of white/off-white backgrounds to play with two-tone trim and wall colors staying in the whites and off-whites. I try to find second-hand pieces with simple lines and paint some of the bright colors I suggested in Benjamin Moore Aura Semi-gloss. Throw in some charcoal and white MCM printed fabric ,or orange and white with a gray MCM style sofa. Pull gray in as a wall color, as a stainless bar cart or in your fabrics . I especially like to use large paintings in bright colors on white walls. Some of my favorite local downtown artists work best when with mixing in some great pieces from the knoll collection. MCM style is a growing trend, and my best recommendations are to use elements such as vintage Knoll nightstands and a vintage Murano lamp , add a great sofa and area rug from one of my favorite home collection shops in Tribeca.

Bathroom Remodel

Design Program

Mastering the bathroom - a place to escape every day, not everything in a bathroom needs to serve an ultilirian purpose.

  • Hang art, photos, and objects on the wall. But make sure frames are sealed.
  • Add plants and flowers add charm, some varieties such as ferns, orchids, and thrive best in moist conditions.
  • Functional objects can serve decorative uses, be constant with style.
  • Invest in decorative mirror, can be attached to a medicine cabinet
  • Finishing touching- towels, mats, towel rack, soap dishes, tissues, after the basic fixtures are selected.
  • A vanity should fit all your storage needs.
  • MY favorite design element is to add a piece of unexpected furniture, chest of drawers, chair, or interesting cabinet.
  • When selecting colors, make sure use gloss paint, more resistant to mold and water stains.

Focus on Lighting

  • Lighting- ceiling fixtures eliminate shadows
  • Down lights and wall mounted sconces for surface light
  • Can be decorative or simple

Storage solutions

  • Careful planning free standing storage requires 2 feet in front for swinging doors- drawers to open
  • Shelves, deeper shelves can stack towels in addition to accessories
  • Can add shelf above of a bath tub for showcasing items- pretty bottles
  • Add wall shelves to an unties wall area


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